How to Contribute

WHat can I do?

While our primary focus will be on providing a platform for support and accurate information, we will also fundraise in order to sponsor young adults aged 12-21 to attend a special NF camp held each summer in Salt Lake City where youth from all of the world come together to have fun, challenge themselves and soak up the support of being with NF peers, as well as to donate to research ongoing at The Friedman Lab at UBC.

Any financial contribution would be greatly appreciated, as it will help provide the opportunity for more research and give those living with NF a better chance for earlier detection, and a higher quality of life through new treatments.

Secure and convenient online donations can be made through PayPal, by clicking one of our “donate” buttons on the right.

How else can I help?

If you’d like to contribute to the NFSNS community in another capacity, please contact us for information on how to become a volunteer, how you can help with specific goods or services, or with any other ideas you may have.

We truly appreciate your generosity!